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I least 30lbs worth of mail way, way, way too far today. >_<

My arms are rebelling against me. I just know that I'll feel it tomorrow. Argh.

'Our Kingdom' manga still hasn't gotten here yet. I think it might arrive tomorrow. Order from Volks will most likely get here tomorrow. XD;; Here's hoping someone will be home when they arrive. I personally, will be going straight home and hope that they don't drop it off till after I'm home. XP I'll have to make it up Thursday though by staying longer at B&N to finish reading that book for management. XD:; And hopefully skim through a copy of FDQ.

Poor probie today. Just when we were about to leave, he gets called outside. XP I would have waited for him any other day, but...I really needed to get home.

Right, now to finish eating dinner and do a bit of review before sleep. Blargh.
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Manned the contest desk all afternoon. You'd think I'd be able to write something for SSBB even though I was bored out of my mind, but nooooo. I only managed to like...write one paragraph and doodle like 2 dozen eyebrows all over my notebook (I think I might swipe your IZ head [ profile] ericulf to see if I can actually do a face-up when I finally get off my bum and buy some art supplies). I think my brain's officially been melted.

Hope you feel better [ profile] kdahlia. I'll forgive you for laughing at me. >_> Just this once. One freebie for the sick girl.

Cheer up sickly person! )

Now to finish up my management hw and off to sleep for me. Blargh.
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Please? @_@ Stayed there till 6:30 today and we still have a lot of stuff to work on. *dies* So very, very screwed. So that means we have to go in TOMORROW and pack stuff. And I have to relabel 30+ boxes because I did something dumb. =_=;; Thankfully, I have [ profile] kdahlia to help me.

Sister's first day at work was fairly uneventful. XP She's apparently become fairly buddy buddy with K-chan's sister even though they only met a handful of times.


And apparently some of us will have to man the service desk for a good month during their grand opening thing. There's some sort of contest going on that involves buying stuff for points and winning prizes (I overheard one of them was a 32" flat screen tv). Er yea. =_=;;

Right, I think I'll just slink off to dinner now.
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Right, so the store is moving. XD;; The place was almost empty today. [ profile] kdahlia took a few pictures which she'll undoubtedly be posting sooner or later. Packed up a lot of the stuff in the office today too. XP Almost done packing all the 2005 paid invoices. I think there are still like 4-6 boxes left in the cabinets though. =_=;;

I have my stuff packed away. K-chan needs to pack hers. We're apparently finishing up the packing on Saturday. Arnel treating us to lunch apparently. *snerk* It's a decision between Full Bang (Vietnamese place) and Mei Wah at the moment. XD

Nts: Bring camera.

From Soho to the Village. XD;; New part of the city to get to know I suppose if much weirder. XP

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Bedtime soon. After I finish reading 2 chapters of my management textbook. =_=;; Argh.
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Been feeling like I'm 2 steps away from puking since the afternoon. >_< And of course, since I had work...


I think I'll just go lie down and take a nap until dinner, then sleep the rest of the day away.
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Next time, I should be quiet. =_=;;

Working Tuesdays too now until we find someone to fill in Tuesday and Thursday. *sigh* And I had actually planned on taking Gale out for some air and taking pictures in the garden.

I need to wake up at 5AM tomorrow so yea. =_=;; All in all, it's gonna suck. XP Anyway, they just told me that I didn't have to stay late. I could leave when [ profile] kdahlia came in. And then, assistant manager adds, but you're welcome to stay the rest of the day with your friend!

I kinda just wilted at that and told them to expect a recap of night of the living dead in the office. I was gonna offer really, but not until next week. XP *sigh* I really kinda wanted to take pictures. Guess that'll have to wait till Thursday.
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Slept early last night and still woke up feeling like crap. =_=;; No clue why either.

Not gonna go on AIM since well...I'm probably going to sleep very soon and it'd be pointless.

'Dude in the corner' aka Danny the 2nd (Danny the 1st being the senior IT guy) made me stay an extra 10 minutes after work. ;_; Of course, I had company all the way to the train station so I guess it was a fair tradeoff.

Didn't get paycheck today. =_=;; I think I'll just sign up for direct deposit if only so I don't have to wait for it. I'm somewhat lazy in going to the bank so...

I have a management quiz tomorrow first thing in the morning. =_=;; Unfortunately, my book isn't coming till tomorrow so I'm prolly gonna bomb it. Cross your fingers and hope I'm a good guesser? I mean, 25 questions multiple choice. He's gotta give us at least 30 minutes for that.

The comp in the living room got hauled over to uncle's so I can't print out slides. =_=;; Though I suppose I don't really need them yet for finance class since all we're going over is present value and future value. We spent half the time last class going over problems and there weren't all that many notes. Can't skip accounting class this time. =_=;; It was already bad enough I skipped last time, but considering how bad I was feeling it prolly was a better idea to go home--even though I ended up running about doing errands.