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When you have 2 A's on the first two assignments and a 98 on the midterm... looks rather incongruous when you get a B-.

Stupid lame ass group. *mutters* Thank god I left when I did.

Next assignment: Web page

Seriously? Wtf? This is a technical writing class isn't it?

Of course professor, I'm perfectly available to be 'consulted'. Of course I can give a crash course in  basic layout making to 10 students in 30 minutes. The only way they'll have a layout is if they use use those really weird WYSIWYG things that I think Geocities might offer. I have no idea. . I doubt any of them have ever used Frontpage before and some of them may not even have the damn thing. I can't exactly tell anyone how to do it in Notepad, so professor? Don't even think about it. Seriously...just don't.

Will be trying to figure out father's Fujifilm FinePix camera when I get home. Sister is once again taking my Olympus. Blargh.
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So right, I left my cellphone at home today along with my watch so I have absolutely no clue what time it is. I get to class only to find everyone standing outside the classroom. Anyone getting a foreboding feeling from this considering the professor has never been late in the entire semester?

Stayed up till bloody 4 in the morning and woke up at 7:30 to get to class on time. *sulky* I could have slept for another 2 hours if I knew class was cancelled. I generally check Blackboard before class, but I forgot to do it this morning. Blargh.

Reason for staying up )

Nanowrimo starts in 2 days but I don't plan on poking it this year. XP I thought I'd be able to spit out my planned SSBB fic, but since all I have is an outline and 2 paragraphs, I seriously doubt I'd be finished by tomorrow. I don't think I have it in me to write 2 fics at once so better not attempt nano. Besides, November is like...midterms month. =_=;; Not that October wasn't. December is finals month. Such bad timing. I don't know how some people can write so many words in a month when they have so much on their plate anyway. @_@ Or maybe I'm just one of those who write very, very slowly.

There's also another option of me writing for nano and not for SSBB. I could put aside the plot and poke it later. >_> Dunno. Any comments [ profile] baby_jeans?

David renewed my obsession with Flyff. Of course, his goal was to get me into WoW and for him when he couldn't, but that was a bust. *snerk* I apologize, but I seriously cannot get into the game. XD;; [ profile] kdahlia kinda agrees with me too so yeah. XD;; [ profile] ericulf is esctatic and is already making plans for what she's going to drag me around doing when I finally hit lvl 60. *falls over dead* XP

Enough rambling for now. I think I'll just print out a bunch of crap to read and hightail it over to Starbucks for coffee because I am NOT awake. I ran past the store this morning because I didn't want to be late. *sulky* Turns out, my sacrifice didn't matter anyway.
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Right, had 2 midterms this week so didn't get all that much sleep considering I get home from work at 8PM and have to wake up for class at 5:30AM in order to get to campus on time. Took Marketing on Wednesday and then had Finance midterm this morning.

Blargh....been falling asleep for awhile so I think I'll just give into the inevitable and just pass out. =_=;; 8 hours of sleep total for 2 days (one of which was a full day of school and work) isn't a good idea.


EDIT: Decided to check e-mail before bed and lo and behold...found that the manga I ordered (gave into the urge to order vol 4 of Our Kingdom since it's totally new and I've never read any of the chapters)...this morning has already been shipped. >_> Seriously, I think Dreamlandcomics only has a problem with things involving more than 1 book.

Sleeping now. XP
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So yea, I finally went to my stupid orientation for my major. XP I've been putting it off since the summer and finally gave in. It was...informative. Made me think about getting my master's degree before taking the CPA exam. Graduate school is expensive though. =_=;; Of course, money aside, I need to fix my GPA. Like stat.

Did a few more experiments with the camera today. Lighting in room sucks ass. Now I'm wondering if I can manage that candlelight shot. I have no idea how to arrange the candles so that he won't look like he's in pitch black darkness. @_@ Maybe I should just buy that display board and drape black cloth over it? I wish there was a serious walkthrough on picture taking in the forum. =_=;; I think I need it. I can only do so much tweaking in photoshop before I start wanting to yank my hair out.

Btw, wasn't lucky. Meh, I wasn't sure I wanted him anyway so it's prolly better that I lost.
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Well, last night did it's evil on me and I ended up nearly passing out in finance class. Skipped my 3rd class because there was no way that I was going to be able to sit through it without falling asleep.

Woke up at 5:30, laid about before dressing and leaving the house, intending on buying a Starbucks and breakfast when I got there. I generally nap on the train in the morning, especially when I'm on the train at 6:15. However, I forgot that I had an assignment to do and spent most of the train ride doing that instead. =_=;; Got off, grabbed a copy of the metro and went to buy my sugar rush in a cup and still got to class 10 minutes early. XP If I had been on a slightly later train, I would have been late. =_=;; Annoying really. Considering my management prof doesn't like lateness, I won't be doing what I did 2 semesters ago with the early classes. Blargh.

Felt absolutely horrible after finance so I hightailed it home. Never really ate the banana nut loaf I bought either. =_=;; Bought 2 more bubble mailers for books I had to mail out. When I was a few houses away, bumped into sister with the dog. She dragged me all the way back to Eckerds so she could buy bobby pins. I dragged her to the nearby game shop in retaliation to check if they had Disgaea 2. Lo and behold, they had it in the front window. I didn't have enough cash on me to buy it so I saved it for later.

Went home. Lounged about for a bit before packaging the books I had to send out. Took the bus there. The line was killer. =_=;; A good 30-40 minute wait. Walked back to bus stop intending on taking the bus back home but there wasn't a single one after a full 10 minutes. Meanwhile, 3 buses going in the opposite direction passed by. So I ended up walking home from 18th ave all the way to 24th. On the way back, I bought Disgaea 2. The strategy guide will be purchased later.

Ne, [ profile] kdahlia, did we play Disgaea with the English voices or the Japanese?

Oh yes..did I mention that I barely ate anything since last night? XD;; Hence the whooziness. I think I'll go eat my dinner now before I pass out from low sugar intake or something. I prolly only managed to survive my first 2 classes through sheer willpower, caffeine and sugar. XP

P.S. Marketing book arrived today. Hopefully, management book will get here tomorrow and I won't hafta er...smack a bitch? XD;;
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Textbooks are seriously burning a hole in my bank account. *sulks*

Running total: $157.39

Yea...okay. Not as bad as some other students I'm sure, but it still bloody hurts!!

Depending on whether or not management prof says it's okay to have the previous edition of the book, my total may be $162.39 or I may end up breaking $200 and going $227.39. *sighs*

Still need to figure out what to do for accounting. That homework manager thing is going to seriously piss me off. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have kept the dumb book I thought we'd be using instead of selling it back out since I need the stupid thing. Stupid prof and his stubborness to stick with the book he wanted rather than the one the whole friggin department was using. *sulks*
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Well...classes have started. Today's the second day in fact. >_< The first day was pretty cool. The professors were engaging, interesting, etc. Today? Wasn't so great. =_=;; It started off with a 7:25AM class in Management (which meant I woke up at 5:30AM to get ready for class). Professor was okay, though I think it's going to be hell on earth because we're apparently doing 1 chapter a class. >_> Twenty-one chapters for 21 classes. Killing me now would probably be better.

Second one? Was kinda okay...

Third? Accounting prof put me to sleep.

Oh, did I mention that the running theme today seems to be accents? Management prof had a Brooklyn accent. Finance and accounting prof had heavy Chinese accents. Gaaah... >_< It's going to be a serious pain in the ass taking notes.

Current amount spent on books Fall 2006: $46.90

Oh, don't worry. That number will go up pretty soon. I haven't bought my books for 3 of my classes yet. (Finanace, Management, Marketing) Oh what fun. >_


Aug. 26th, 2006 07:03 pm
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Well, obviously I'm like horrible with LJ updating these days. XD;; Sister had me go over her resume...after she had printed out 10 copies of the thing. She had to correct a few words because they were stupid. Anyway, sister left around 1 or so to walk around a few places to see if they were hiring--which turned out to be an exceedingly bad idea since's the weekends and stores are always more busy during those days. She went to sulk in Jamba Juice for a good half hour on the phone with me. Got her to buy me a Carribbean Passion while she was there. >P Yum. <3

Still not writing much in terms of fic I'm afraid. XP I think that [ profile] 30_kisses thing was my only drive for writing anything new. A tad sad really. XP Nanowrimo is coming up in 2 months. I wonder if I should attempt it again this year. XD;; Not gonna bother with another journal though since well...I ended up not posting it in the end. XD I'll just put it up in friends-only posts or something. I don't really want my bad writing to be out in public. XD My original stuff tends to be very, very rough without a thorough editing process.

Got back grade for summer accounting class. XP Lower than I had planned, but higher than I thought I would get. I'll have to do better in future classes. XP My GPA doesn't look pretty at all. Especially not compared with the previous college I was at. It's almost painfully low in comparison. =_=;; Very sad.

I've renewed my love for Fuwa from Whistle! XD Apparently [ profile] ericulf had the entire series so I asked her to burn me a copy. XP I had one but I lost it somewhere. No clue who borrowed it and never gave it back because I certainly don't have it. =_=;; And believe me, I searched high and low for it too.

I'm planning on attending my first con early next year. XD Ohayocon to be specific. Definitely gonna be bringing Gale. XP Tentative plans are being made on a HunterXHunter cosplay. Here's hoping there's a possible dealer's table still available so [ profile] ericulf can sell prints. XD
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Okay, so I woke up late. =_=;; Thought I'd be able to wake 15 minutes after my alarm. I did it plenty of times before. I woke up an hour and a half after and by the time I did? There was no way in hell I would be able to make it to class on time to even take part of the quiz. *sighs* I went anyway because I needed to pick up my paper. I hope she doesn't fail me for being late. *sigh* Because she would have said something right?

...or maybe not.

High on to do list: finish sociology paper.

Will be taking finals week off from work to save myself stress. That, and I think I kinda need it. =_=;; This semester has truly been hell. I'll be happy when it's done and all I have to do is whack myself for the horrible job I've done of trying to redeem myself from last semester. Hopefully the accounting courses [FINALLY!!!] I will be taking during the summer will end up much better. =_=;; Or I really will end up hanging myself with my hair. XP