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Thankfully weekend is coming up and I fully intend on doing ENJOYING IT (with some work in between because while I have no classes, I have work).
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Whatever gave my sister the bright idea to lie to the manager and say she was taking college courses should be shot and disposed of. >_> Seriously, if you're going to try and make a believable lie, try and get your data together. KCC is CLOSED FROM CLASSES until Feb 26. The last day of exams for them was last week. >_> Hello? It's only a community college, not a regular 4 year. They have a totally different schedule.


I'll just go and poke my ERD assignment now. >_> Cuz all the stupid surrounding me from talking with my sister is pissing me off.

[EDIT@5:09PM] Ne, [profile] justtheletterd? XP If I ask really nicely, would you mind looking over my ERD assignment? XP Apparently I suck more than I thought I did. XD;;
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Right, think I could get away with skinning the puppy? Chewed off the end of GBA charger. >_>

I left the stupid thing alone for barely 2 minutes and come back only to see the detatched adapter on the floor and the puppy chewing on whatever mouthful he had of the wire.

Why isn't the puppy fried yet? Chewed keyboard adapter off.

Did I mention the irritating mongrel partially chewed through my PS2 controller? It was the nicer one too. >_>


Oh, and [ profile] ericulf? Dolpa 16 is gonna be the death of me. XP

A week of class left. >_< Will I manage to survive till then?
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Slept at 1:30AM even though I had to wake up by 7:30AM. XP Bad idea since I felt like crap this morning. Somehow culled the urge to buy a Starbucks coffee though. No clue how I survived without caffeine intake though.

At this time, [ profile] ericulf should be well on her way to Hong Kong. Well...a third of the way there maybe. XD;; Hope you have fun for the next month and a half!!

...Get me something from Dollheart! XD;;

I'll have to see if I manage to catch up with her chara in flyff while she's gone. XP

Tomorrow, someone else is going to be sent elsewhere too. XP

Now to finish my dinner so I can go to sleep at a reasonable time to wake up at 5:30AM. =_=
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Got [ profile] kdahlia and her sister to come over. She poked at my hair again so my hair isn't dead straight anymore. Maybe I should get a perm. Less of a hassle in the morning. XD;;

Black Friday tomorrow and I have work. >_> *sulky*

Might possibly go to Macy's before work, but I'm not really sure at this point. =_= I might need judicious amounts of Starbucks to keep me up for work.

Missed chance to get a SD Rengemaru too. *sulky some more* I guess I'll just have to be patient. *sighs*
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Dear Honored Grandfather,

Mashing the same chord over and over again does not constitute a proper harmony. So would you please stop playing the melody of 'God Bless America' with that weird ass chord that isn't even in harmony to begin with?! It grates on the ears and makes me want to run next door and confiscate your keyboard.



Your (somewhat) Dutiful Granddaughter


Nov. 13th, 2006 03:55 pm
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To think that a little more than 5 years ago, I couldn't even say, 'fuck' without any awkwardness.

Casual profanity is bad. I really should stop. XP

*goes back to studying way too many equations for finance*
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Blargh. Finance is kicking my ass so I took a break to browse LJ. And found this. XD;; Sounds much more reasonable for me to do that rather than Nano in November seeing that well, papers and tests and work is overwhelming me.

NTS: Poke SSBB first. Plskthx.
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Right, so last law midterm, I got back with an 88 on it except the cover only said B. I was this prof not give B+'s? I was mildly annoyed but didn't really push it. XD;; Got back second law midterm and had a heart attack because there was like a giant F on the cover. I was like...omgwtf? Where the hell did I mess up so bad? XP Turns out that the B and the F were just the exam types and not the grade. XD;;;

Got a 90something on it. I was like w00t! XD Glowing all day and bugged the shit outta Arnel with my hyperness.

nts: Think about bringing Gale to the office again. *snerk* Arnel misses him.

I actually hit lvl 60 in flyff yesterday. @_@ I can't believe I went up 2 lvls in 2 days. =_=;; I haven't even touched the game in ages and all of a sudden I lvled. Of course, lots of it was made easier by [ profile] ericulf with her uber buffs and plvling. XP Now I'm going to take a break from it. Too much playing. @_@ David is slightly annoyed because of it. XD;; He bought the trial version for me in the hopes of enticing me into the game and it propelled me straight back into flyff. XD;;

Head's been feeling like its a ballon about to float away or something. Sudden movements makes the world go twirly twirly so I think I'll sleep earlier than normal even for my 'up at the arse crack of dawn' class. My winamp thinks its being funny with the song choice. >_>
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I totally forgot FFXII came out like today. XD;;; It wasn't until I passed by some grocery store that sold video games and saw the thing in the window displaythat I realized. XP I immediately walked across the street to get cash because I didn't want to charge it on my card. I was going to go home first and drop off my bag and jacket (dressed way too warmly today) before hightailing it over to the video game store.

Changed my mind though because I have an exam tomorrow and I seriously doubt I could put down the controller once I started playing. I'll buy it tomorrow when [ profile] kdahlia comes over. XD;;
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So right, I left my cellphone at home today along with my watch so I have absolutely no clue what time it is. I get to class only to find everyone standing outside the classroom. Anyone getting a foreboding feeling from this considering the professor has never been late in the entire semester?

Stayed up till bloody 4 in the morning and woke up at 7:30 to get to class on time. *sulky* I could have slept for another 2 hours if I knew class was cancelled. I generally check Blackboard before class, but I forgot to do it this morning. Blargh.

Reason for staying up )

Nanowrimo starts in 2 days but I don't plan on poking it this year. XP I thought I'd be able to spit out my planned SSBB fic, but since all I have is an outline and 2 paragraphs, I seriously doubt I'd be finished by tomorrow. I don't think I have it in me to write 2 fics at once so better not attempt nano. Besides, November is like...midterms month. =_=;; Not that October wasn't. December is finals month. Such bad timing. I don't know how some people can write so many words in a month when they have so much on their plate anyway. @_@ Or maybe I'm just one of those who write very, very slowly.

There's also another option of me writing for nano and not for SSBB. I could put aside the plot and poke it later. >_> Dunno. Any comments [ profile] baby_jeans?

David renewed my obsession with Flyff. Of course, his goal was to get me into WoW and for him when he couldn't, but that was a bust. *snerk* I apologize, but I seriously cannot get into the game. XD;; [ profile] kdahlia kinda agrees with me too so yeah. XD;; [ profile] ericulf is esctatic and is already making plans for what she's going to drag me around doing when I finally hit lvl 60. *falls over dead* XP

Enough rambling for now. I think I'll just print out a bunch of crap to read and hightail it over to Starbucks for coffee because I am NOT awake. I ran past the store this morning because I didn't want to be late. *sulky* Turns out, my sacrifice didn't matter anyway.
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Seriously, you know you're old or something when you hear a girl going, "I can't wait till I'm 24 to travel the world!" in an utterly scandalized voice and you think they're crazy. Seriously? I don't think the girl was much older than 13years old because she thought 17 was far away.


Maybe I'm just jaded, but wow. Were we that innocent back then? @_@ I think I'd hit my younger self now that I think about it. Like WHAM. Right across the back of the head.

Tried WoW today. XP I'm sorry, but I still can't get into the game. =_=;;

Graphics are nice and all and the game play is pretty easy to learn, but...I dunno. No spark? XD;;
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I haven't actually slept yet. I'm hoping copious amounts of coffee will keep me up till 4PM at least so I can possibly beg off. Here's hoping for my second wind cuz god only knows how I'm going survive my day. =_=;; Maybe I should take a nap instead of going to finance because I seriously doubt I can stay up enough for that.


This connundrum I find myself in is pretty much all my fault and my seeming inability to do time management. As it is, I'm one assignment behind schedule. I intend on catching up Wednesday after I have lunch with David.
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I least 30lbs worth of mail way, way, way too far today. >_<

My arms are rebelling against me. I just know that I'll feel it tomorrow. Argh.

'Our Kingdom' manga still hasn't gotten here yet. I think it might arrive tomorrow. Order from Volks will most likely get here tomorrow. XD;; Here's hoping someone will be home when they arrive. I personally, will be going straight home and hope that they don't drop it off till after I'm home. XP I'll have to make it up Thursday though by staying longer at B&N to finish reading that book for management. XD:; And hopefully skim through a copy of FDQ.

Poor probie today. Just when we were about to leave, he gets called outside. XP I would have waited for him any other day, but...I really needed to get home.

Right, now to finish eating dinner and do a bit of review before sleep. Blargh.
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Right, had 2 midterms this week so didn't get all that much sleep considering I get home from work at 8PM and have to wake up for class at 5:30AM in order to get to campus on time. Took Marketing on Wednesday and then had Finance midterm this morning.

Blargh....been falling asleep for awhile so I think I'll just give into the inevitable and just pass out. =_=;; 8 hours of sleep total for 2 days (one of which was a full day of school and work) isn't a good idea.


EDIT: Decided to check e-mail before bed and lo and behold...found that the manga I ordered (gave into the urge to order vol 4 of Our Kingdom since it's totally new and I've never read any of the chapters)...this morning has already been shipped. >_> Seriously, I think Dreamlandcomics only has a problem with things involving more than 1 book.

Sleeping now. XP
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So yea, I finally went to my stupid orientation for my major. XP I've been putting it off since the summer and finally gave in. It was...informative. Made me think about getting my master's degree before taking the CPA exam. Graduate school is expensive though. =_=;; Of course, money aside, I need to fix my GPA. Like stat.

Did a few more experiments with the camera today. Lighting in room sucks ass. Now I'm wondering if I can manage that candlelight shot. I have no idea how to arrange the candles so that he won't look like he's in pitch black darkness. @_@ Maybe I should just buy that display board and drape black cloth over it? I wish there was a serious walkthrough on picture taking in the forum. =_=;; I think I need it. I can only do so much tweaking in photoshop before I start wanting to yank my hair out.

Btw, wasn't lucky. Meh, I wasn't sure I wanted him anyway so it's prolly better that I lost.
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Please? @_@ Stayed there till 6:30 today and we still have a lot of stuff to work on. *dies* So very, very screwed. So that means we have to go in TOMORROW and pack stuff. And I have to relabel 30+ boxes because I did something dumb. =_=;; Thankfully, I have [ profile] kdahlia to help me.

Sister's first day at work was fairly uneventful. XP She's apparently become fairly buddy buddy with K-chan's sister even though they only met a handful of times.


And apparently some of us will have to man the service desk for a good month during their grand opening thing. There's some sort of contest going on that involves buying stuff for points and winning prizes (I overheard one of them was a 32" flat screen tv). Er yea. =_=;;

Right, I think I'll just slink off to dinner now.
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Right, so the store is moving. XD;; The place was almost empty today. [ profile] kdahlia took a few pictures which she'll undoubtedly be posting sooner or later. Packed up a lot of the stuff in the office today too. XP Almost done packing all the 2005 paid invoices. I think there are still like 4-6 boxes left in the cabinets though. =_=;;

I have my stuff packed away. K-chan needs to pack hers. We're apparently finishing up the packing on Saturday. Arnel treating us to lunch apparently. *snerk* It's a decision between Full Bang (Vietnamese place) and Mei Wah at the moment. XD

Nts: Bring camera.

From Soho to the Village. XD;; New part of the city to get to know I suppose if much weirder. XP

Ohayocon Stuff )

Bedtime soon. After I finish reading 2 chapters of my management textbook. =_=;; Argh.
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Been feeling like I'm 2 steps away from puking since the afternoon. >_< And of course, since I had work...


I think I'll just go lie down and take a nap until dinner, then sleep the rest of the day away.
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Next time, I should be quiet. =_=;;

Working Tuesdays too now until we find someone to fill in Tuesday and Thursday. *sigh* And I had actually planned on taking Gale out for some air and taking pictures in the garden.

I need to wake up at 5AM tomorrow so yea. =_=;; All in all, it's gonna suck. XP Anyway, they just told me that I didn't have to stay late. I could leave when [ profile] kdahlia came in. And then, assistant manager adds, but you're welcome to stay the rest of the day with your friend!

I kinda just wilted at that and told them to expect a recap of night of the living dead in the office. I was gonna offer really, but not until next week. XP *sigh* I really kinda wanted to take pictures. Guess that'll have to wait till Thursday.