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You're old too [ profile] baby_jeans! *cackles*

And because I promised *rolls eyes*, here's your first fic of the day. Much apology goes to [ profile] kdahlia for not having yours ready. T_T

Characters: Dee, Tay
Word Count: 605
Notes: Tay and Dee are basically 2 characters [ profile] baby_jeans and I play on occasion when we're bored. Tay is an ornery angel who found himself the unlikely roommate of a demon, Dee, who refuses to go away. And no, they're not gay. They just act like it.

1. On waking )
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So like yea, I editted it as best I could though there are still a few awkward transitions. -_-;; Not quite sure how to fix them. XD;; Want to pick my brain [ profile] baby_jeans? XDXD;;;

Bleeding Heart
Sacred Poison
Situation: Someone is sent to the store against their will. Must include psychic phenomena and a tree.
Notes: Anyone interested in reading parts of this fandom can do so here.

Bleeding Heart )

Thassit for now. XDXD;; I'm beginning to think that I only write when forcedchallenged by [ profile] baby_jeans. Heeee.

[EDIT@10:44PM] Er yea. I got a fic journal now since I'm having trouble hunting down my own fics on my lj. XD;;; [ profile] rikufic is now open for business! XD;; I seriously need a more original name. This 'random' thing is really getting old.
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I was complaining about lack of creativity 2 days ago so [ profile] baby_jeans gave me writing challenges. XD I was a bit too lazy to post them yesterday since I was too angry to see straight so here they are now.

All original and really short random scenes.

Ever get the feeling that you're missing something?
Forgetful )


Why can't I be selfish?
Selfishness )


Killing Me Softly
Let the music take you away...
Killing Me Softly )


Wheee, that's the last of them. There's one more, but it's still being poked and jabbed at. Now, to poke at my english essay? Or procrastinate and read some more slash? XDXD Decisions, decisions...