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Being half mute is a most troublesome thing...


I think I'll just give up on my nano redux thing and just write 50k words and see how long it takes me. Because I'm so behind right now it's not even funny anymore. Ohayocon pictures have not been editted yet. Don't have as many as I thought.

*sigh* Could have taken so many more, but as it was, I felt bad for pushing [ profile] justtheletterd to take pictures the times I did. Bleh.

[ profile] kdahlia and I are contemplating Anime Next 07. XD;; We want to cosplay this time too. Possibly drag the sister along as well (as long as she doesn't have to actually do any work, she'll happily cosplay. She's a weird anime fan.)
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Ohayocon was pretty cool--except for the fact that I haven't spoken a word in my normal tone of voice for the last 2 days. =_=;; Lost my voice. *sigh* Pictures will possibly be posted sooner or later. XD;; Only for my flist cuz some of the pictures seriously suck. *koff[ profile] justtheletterdkoff*
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Right, so the store is moving. XD;; The place was almost empty today. [ profile] kdahlia took a few pictures which she'll undoubtedly be posting sooner or later. Packed up a lot of the stuff in the office today too. XP Almost done packing all the 2005 paid invoices. I think there are still like 4-6 boxes left in the cabinets though. =_=;;

I have my stuff packed away. K-chan needs to pack hers. We're apparently finishing up the packing on Saturday. Arnel treating us to lunch apparently. *snerk* It's a decision between Full Bang (Vietnamese place) and Mei Wah at the moment. XD

Nts: Bring camera.

From Soho to the Village. XD;; New part of the city to get to know I suppose if much weirder. XP

Ohayocon Stuff )

Bedtime soon. After I finish reading 2 chapters of my management textbook. =_=;; Argh.


Aug. 26th, 2006 07:03 pm
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Well, obviously I'm like horrible with LJ updating these days. XD;; Sister had me go over her resume...after she had printed out 10 copies of the thing. She had to correct a few words because they were stupid. Anyway, sister left around 1 or so to walk around a few places to see if they were hiring--which turned out to be an exceedingly bad idea since's the weekends and stores are always more busy during those days. She went to sulk in Jamba Juice for a good half hour on the phone with me. Got her to buy me a Carribbean Passion while she was there. >P Yum. <3

Still not writing much in terms of fic I'm afraid. XP I think that [ profile] 30_kisses thing was my only drive for writing anything new. A tad sad really. XP Nanowrimo is coming up in 2 months. I wonder if I should attempt it again this year. XD;; Not gonna bother with another journal though since well...I ended up not posting it in the end. XD I'll just put it up in friends-only posts or something. I don't really want my bad writing to be out in public. XD My original stuff tends to be very, very rough without a thorough editing process.

Got back grade for summer accounting class. XP Lower than I had planned, but higher than I thought I would get. I'll have to do better in future classes. XP My GPA doesn't look pretty at all. Especially not compared with the previous college I was at. It's almost painfully low in comparison. =_=;; Very sad.

I've renewed my love for Fuwa from Whistle! XD Apparently [ profile] ericulf had the entire series so I asked her to burn me a copy. XP I had one but I lost it somewhere. No clue who borrowed it and never gave it back because I certainly don't have it. =_=;; And believe me, I searched high and low for it too.

I'm planning on attending my first con early next year. XD Ohayocon to be specific. Definitely gonna be bringing Gale. XP Tentative plans are being made on a HunterXHunter cosplay. Here's hoping there's a possible dealer's table still available so [ profile] ericulf can sell prints. XD