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My brain is still quite obviously off. -_-;; There are things I should know, but doesn't occur to me till after the fact (which is bad) and I just feel all around crummy. XP

Forgot ID at home for the 2nd time in 3 semesters. XP Not bad of a track record I suppose, but still. [ profile] kdahlia kindly lent me the use of hers since she's a CUNY student and has access to all the CUNY libraries, but I was a bit too chickenshit to attempt to go through using her ID. XP

I got in though. Just had to type in my ID#. XD;;

Thanks muchly anyway K-chan!

I'm very much tempted to get KH2:Final Mix and play it. XP Of course, it'll be all in Japanese and I won't know a single thing they're saying. The talking part won't be so bad. But it's the parts where there's only text. =_=;; Sucketh it does. I'm not so worried about the inability of my PS2 to play the game since apparently there's this CD that lets you play international games by using it so, no modchipping required! Oh well. I guess I'll just content myself with just watching the cut scenes. New scene with Axel and Roxas! XD Seriously makes me want to write fic with them.

Who knows? Maybe I will. XD


Mar. 29th, 2006 04:00 pm
rikugou: ([KH] Searching [mine])
Who bought the game yesterday the first day it was released?

*raises hand*

Too bad I can't play till the weekend. ;_; And I just managed to get to the good parts too. I wanted to write fic too. *sighs*

Stupid anthro paper. *mutters*

So damn tired. >_