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December 2011

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Dog was being nosy and more interested in what was behind me. I had to shoo him from my lap a few times because he thought I was sitting down to pet him.

CS4 crashed about 3 times during the editing of this damn thing. ARGH. I should have kept CS2

[ profile] kdahlia? I would be forever grateful if you give me a copy of CS3?
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I had said at one point that I would never take pictures of the dog again...but I lied. XP Apparently I can't resist the smelly little fluffmeister.

Anyway, I had these pictures on my comp for awhile so I thought I'd spam. Beware of off-white doggies?

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails - [8 photos] )

Found my cellphone finally btw. Mother was about to think I had hallucinated charging my phone the night before I lost it. -_-;; After 3 days of not being able to find it? I was beginning to doubt myself too.
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The puppy chewed on my flip flops...the ones I only bought like barely a week ago!! My mother apparently saved it the first time...but she never bothered to put it anywhere where the puppy couldn't get to them so they got chewed on again. So now there are little teeth marks all over the shoe.

Why is it that when I clearly said 'I don't like dogs' that my parents decided to give in to my sister and buy her a fucking dog? It's peed and pooped god knows how many times on the floor already (my mother thanks her lucky stars that it was on the wood floor and not the carpet). It fucking smells like dog in the dining room that I keep spraying air freshener and my sister comes home late so that the responsibility falls onto my parents (mostly my mother) anyway!

Summer is coming to an end. I'll have a week's respite from school until the fall semester starts. Of course, I still have to get through my last assignment and my final.

[ profile] 30_kisses totally didn't work out at all. I think I should attempt another theme thing or something. =_=;; I haven't written a single thing in like 4 months. I know I write slowly, but this is getting to be a bit much.
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I spammed pretty much everyone I think...but in case I didn't.

Here are some pictures of the cat that stayed at my house for 2 weeks.

Cat pictures ) animals were harmed during the course of these pictures. XD;; Just to make that clear.