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I'm stressed. The area below my left eye can't seem to stop twitching and it irritates the hell out of me and like yea, I'm tired and I just want finals week to end before I end up strangling myself. =_=;;

So um, yea, fic. Dedicated to [ profile] kdahlia cuz she asked for it!! *ebil cackle* You know you like it!

Warning for bizarre pairings.

FMA - His One )
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I have....*drumroll* a NEW ICON!!!1111ichi XD =_=;; S'not as nice as some of the ones I made but it'll do. XD;; Kazahaya from Gohou Drug

And for the special occasion...*does ebil cackle* I have a short little ficlet dedicated entirely to [ profile] kdahlia because she asked for it.

Warning for bizarre pairing.

FMA - Looking Into Your Eyes )
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Once more, this is [ profile] ericulf's fault!! All her fault! Hers, hers and hers! It's raining and it's dark so why the hell am I writing crack!fic? O.o

So uh yea, here it is. XD;; Totally [ profile] ericulf's fault. Winry/Al implied.

FMA - Unannounced )

Did I also mention that this is to be accompanied by a picture sometime in the future? *snerk* [ profile] ericulf once more...
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So like yea, I had [ profile] baby_jeans toss me ideas because I needed to get my mind off things and got some schtuff....

ONE. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Raining men? Nope, raining frogs )

TWO. Final Fantasy 8 - Naked Campfire Cookout )Whee, lookit! 2 drabble type things in a day! Maybe I'll make it to 7 by next week. XD;;
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Posted this a few days ago on my pita but I didn't edit it until recently. -_-;;; Ah well, better late than never ne? ^_^;;; This is a giftficlet for [ profile] ericulf in a slight apology for taking so long for her real giftfic. -_-;;

Drunken Revelry )