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Classes start tomorrow. Urgh.

Still have mp3s to organize from old hard drive. Then I have to sync my iPhone to new desktop.

Does it delete applications when you sync? I forget. If it does, I'm going to panic because I have a whole lotta things in Stanza that I'm not sure I want to deal with putting back on again.

Saw the new iPad. It looks like an oversized iTouch that is a beefed up Kindle. If I have to use iTunes to put stuff on it? That's kinda....meh.

Hahaha...can you tell I'm trying to post more on my LJ?
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God dammit. This game of e-mail tag I seem to be playing with my academic advisor is pissing me off. I just need you to sign the damn papers so I can submit it to the CIS Department Chair so I can register for my last class

There are 12 seats left and I don't want to push this to another week and end up spazzing like last time and jab e-SIMS every day to see if anyone dropped it Waiting lists are killer dammit. Ugh. I don't have enough credits to count as a full-time student until I register for this course and it's seriously pissing me off that I can't when I should be able to.

We'll see if I can just convince some other prof to sign the papers for me. If SQL prof won't, maybe Microcomputing prof will...even though I really don't want to be going to her. But I won't have a choice if the seating for the class drops any more. There were 18 seats left at the beginning of the week. I don't want to see that 12 drop any further before I can register.
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So it turns out that the database class I took at my previous college didn't transfer over so I'm taking it again this semester. *sigh*

They have an online degree audit thing so I went and checked it. Things don't look good at all and it's going to make me cry.

I need to see a general advisor and see if I can sketch out a plan or something because this flying blind thing isn't very appealing. I have a feeling I might've strayed very very far away from the courses I need to graduate and I don't like it.

Argh. Since it's the beginning of classes, the advisors are full as hell and there's no way I can get an appointment anytime soon.

Whoever said that they loved their college experience had to have coasted much better than I am.
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Thought I'd break in my newest icon. Made it a week or two ago, but never used it. explanation of the total emo on my last entry.

really long emo-ish ranting this way )
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So, I just spent a few hours perfecting a layout for a class that has nothing to do with web layouts.

Not only that, but the professor will most likely not appreciate the time and effort I put in it even if my content is solid.

*sigh* Why must I torture myself so?

...At least I have a spare layout. I'll use it as an excuse to make a layout archive site I suppose.
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I'm down to one question for my relational algebra homework, so I thought it'd be okay to poke LJ for a bit.

While cleaning up the area for my printer, I dumped all the garbage into a bag....then proceeded to dump the box my new shiny external came in. =_=;; Forgetting the fact that well...I need the SKU# and a copy of it. @_@

May you make a copy for me [ profile] kdahlia? Unless you have to send in the original, in which case I'm pretty screwed and I'm out $40 for the thing.


I need to find some time so I can test my father's Fujifilm FinePix camera. Mother and sister are leaving next Thursday and leaving with the Canon Powershot I've been using. There's a garden meet-up next Saturday and I really don't want to impose on K-chan for pictures. XP After getting used to using the Canon, it's going to be a pain figuring out the Fujifilm--which is probably why I should attempt a few trial shots before using it. =_=;; As it is, I accidentally re-formated the flash card that was on it. *koffkoff* Those pictures are somewhere on a CD I think...but either way it's too late to cry over them since well...they're gone.

-_-;; That's what I get for pressing buttons I thought I knew but really didn't. *sigh*

I think I'll go and answer that last question so I can relax before class.

Nice thing about having a printer at home is that I don't need to rush out of the house earlier than normal to print up assignments. XD;; I can go out at normal time because I already have it printed out.
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WTF? We're in college okay?

When the professor says, 'write an essay', you HAVE to know the structure by now so stop arguing with the professor that he didn't specifically state that he wanted an intro, body, conclusion, etc

Seriously...just shut up. >_>
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Right, so last law midterm, I got back with an 88 on it except the cover only said B. I was this prof not give B+'s? I was mildly annoyed but didn't really push it. XD;; Got back second law midterm and had a heart attack because there was like a giant F on the cover. I was like...omgwtf? Where the hell did I mess up so bad? XP Turns out that the B and the F were just the exam types and not the grade. XD;;;

Got a 90something on it. I was like w00t! XD Glowing all day and bugged the shit outta Arnel with my hyperness.

nts: Think about bringing Gale to the office again. *snerk* Arnel misses him.

I actually hit lvl 60 in flyff yesterday. @_@ I can't believe I went up 2 lvls in 2 days. =_=;; I haven't even touched the game in ages and all of a sudden I lvled. Of course, lots of it was made easier by [ profile] ericulf with her uber buffs and plvling. XP Now I'm going to take a break from it. Too much playing. @_@ David is slightly annoyed because of it. XD;; He bought the trial version for me in the hopes of enticing me into the game and it propelled me straight back into flyff. XD;;

Head's been feeling like its a ballon about to float away or something. Sudden movements makes the world go twirly twirly so I think I'll sleep earlier than normal even for my 'up at the arse crack of dawn' class. My winamp thinks its being funny with the song choice. >_>
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I'm trying for more entries since I've been abusing my lj lately. XD

Feeling vaguely claustrophobic because sister got it into her head to clean. >_> Unfortunately, she didn't clean all the way so all the crap she dug out of her desk is scattered all over the floor. >_<

Floor? What floor? I can barely see the carpet dammit. Getting in and out of the room is a pain.

I have yet to get my finance textbook in the mail. Hopefully it's arriving soon. Got my management textbook one day too late since I had a quiz early this morning. The first 15 or so were okay. The last 10 were killer. Too specific for me to guess and needed more knowledge than common sense. Blargh. Professor told us to calm down because it was just a quiz. I have like...10 more after this so I do have some leeway. Just a bit at least.

Attempted to do accounting online hw. >_> Trying to use a different textbook is a bit difficult. Different account names that I had to figure out and different emphasis on certain things. *sigh* Since I can't exactly sell back the version I have, I was hoping I could at least use it even though the professor isn't. Bleh. Taking that day off prolly didn't help either. =_=;; Though I doubt I would have managed to stay conscious for it even if I had been there.

I thought of taking pictures outside since it was finally sunny outside and not icky and gray but...considering I've been up since 5AM, yea.

Going out tomorrow for dinner with entire office along with previous employees. Hopefully it'll be fun.

Now I'm going to sit down and finally watch the season premiere for House.
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Slept early last night and still woke up feeling like crap. =_=;; No clue why either.

Not gonna go on AIM since well...I'm probably going to sleep very soon and it'd be pointless.

'Dude in the corner' aka Danny the 2nd (Danny the 1st being the senior IT guy) made me stay an extra 10 minutes after work. ;_; Of course, I had company all the way to the train station so I guess it was a fair tradeoff.

Didn't get paycheck today. =_=;; I think I'll just sign up for direct deposit if only so I don't have to wait for it. I'm somewhat lazy in going to the bank so...

I have a management quiz tomorrow first thing in the morning. =_=;; Unfortunately, my book isn't coming till tomorrow so I'm prolly gonna bomb it. Cross your fingers and hope I'm a good guesser? I mean, 25 questions multiple choice. He's gotta give us at least 30 minutes for that.

The comp in the living room got hauled over to uncle's so I can't print out slides. =_=;; Though I suppose I don't really need them yet for finance class since all we're going over is present value and future value. We spent half the time last class going over problems and there weren't all that many notes. Can't skip accounting class this time. =_=;; It was already bad enough I skipped last time, but considering how bad I was feeling it prolly was a better idea to go home--even though I ended up running about doing errands.