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I didn't actually think posting in the LJ username thread on DoA would get me random people friending me on LJ. I only posted in it because someone happened to post in the thread and it popped up on the main page. There are so many pages on that thing, I thought my post would just fade into obscurity. XD

Erm...Hi? Thanks for the interest in my LJ? XD;;; I'm afraid I don't make as many doll posts as I do normal day-to-day entries. XD Or maybe I do and I just haven't noticed? XP I do seem to have an abundance of f-locked entries lately and I really only f-lock for doll schtuff.

In any case, look! New icon! Only took me...a year and 6 months to make. @_@ I'm serious. Apparently I made the base sometime last year in January and totally failed to finish it. Took a few minutes to poke around the layers some more and voila! New icon.

I think I need more practice in making icons, though. XP If anyone wants an icon, give me a good quality picture and the text you want on it and I'll see what I can do. ^^;; No promises it'll be spectacular though!
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Your item was processed and left our BROOKLYN, NY 11256 facility on May31, 2007. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

@_@ It's almost heeeeeeerrreeee.

The waiting kills.

Excitement levels have skyrocketed.

I have a shiny Deathscythe Hell to put together. I've been wanting one since I got one for [ profile] baby_jeans and put it together. I never did get around to getting another one. XD;; I managed to find one the last time I was in China, but it was a bootleg copy. -_-;; Anyway...d3r shinies!

Biggest shiny of them all! Coming! Most likely TOMORROW! (Cuz I seriously doubt I'll see it out for delivery today.)
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Right...Botanical Garden meet was like 2 weeks ago, but I didn't get around to going through all the pictures till today. I took like maybe 5 pictures with dolls. XD;; The rest, I used [ profile] kdahlia's camera or she just took them.

Most of mine were flowers. XD;; Anyway...count this as one of the FEW times (if ever again) I'll ever unlock a photopost with dolls in them.

More pictures on [ profile] kdahlia's LJ.

Enter if you dare. IMAGE HEAVY.

Flower, Trees and Stuffs - [30 pictures] )

A Few BJD's - [6 Pictures] )
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Got [ profile] kdahlia and her sister to come over. She poked at my hair again so my hair isn't dead straight anymore. Maybe I should get a perm. Less of a hassle in the morning. XD;;

Black Friday tomorrow and I have work. >_> *sulky*

Might possibly go to Macy's before work, but I'm not really sure at this point. =_= I might need judicious amounts of Starbucks to keep me up for work.

Missed chance to get a SD Rengemaru too. *sulky some more* I guess I'll just have to be patient. *sighs*
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Manned the contest desk all afternoon. You'd think I'd be able to write something for SSBB even though I was bored out of my mind, but nooooo. I only managed to like...write one paragraph and doodle like 2 dozen eyebrows all over my notebook (I think I might swipe your IZ head [ profile] ericulf to see if I can actually do a face-up when I finally get off my bum and buy some art supplies). I think my brain's officially been melted.

Hope you feel better [ profile] kdahlia. I'll forgive you for laughing at me. >_> Just this once. One freebie for the sick girl.

Cheer up sickly person! )

Now to finish up my management hw and off to sleep for me. Blargh.
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So yea, I finally went to my stupid orientation for my major. XP I've been putting it off since the summer and finally gave in. It was...informative. Made me think about getting my master's degree before taking the CPA exam. Graduate school is expensive though. =_=;; Of course, money aside, I need to fix my GPA. Like stat.

Did a few more experiments with the camera today. Lighting in room sucks ass. Now I'm wondering if I can manage that candlelight shot. I have no idea how to arrange the candles so that he won't look like he's in pitch black darkness. @_@ Maybe I should just buy that display board and drape black cloth over it? I wish there was a serious walkthrough on picture taking in the forum. =_=;; I think I need it. I can only do so much tweaking in photoshop before I start wanting to yank my hair out.

Btw, wasn't lucky. Meh, I wasn't sure I wanted him anyway so it's prolly better that I lost.
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He's heeeere. XD;; Pictures will come later as soon as I figure out how to get them off the flash card. XP Old laptop used to be able to read them, but this one doesn't have the option.

Had a hell of a time hauling him home from [ profile] ericulf's house. XD:; They were some very long 7 blocks with a giant package in my arms. Stupid bus never came. =_=;; I don't think a single one passed me by the time I got to my street.

I have a photostory but I don't think I'll share anything till after throw together a proper site for it. XD;;

Wheee...[ profile] kdahlia coming around noon so sleeeeep I go.
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XPXP T minus 5 days and counting.

Hope he doesn't require restringing. I'm still not sure how to get it right. @_@ [ profile] ericulf's PPD still doesn't stand quite right. Maybe sueding will make it better?

XD;; And maybe the possession of a head will actually allow him to bend over without toppling down? XD;; No clue.


May. 9th, 2006 05:58 am
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*bounces off the walls* HIIIIKUUU!!! *points frantically and runs around like crazy person*


EDIT: Erm...Can I have him shipped to your house? XD;;;;;