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Can this week be over? Like now?
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So, there are 3 places I need to visit for Qing Ming (清明) -- Chinese Memorial Day for the unaware -- this year. Grandfather (Washington, NJ), great-grandfather (somewhere Brooklyn) and great-aunt (Westchester, NY). Today, I spent my entire day visiting grandfather. The entire day. Going again next week for great-grandfather and great-aunt. We'll be home by 3pm, maybe 4pm.

Reason why visiting one site took longer? Third Aunt bought what essentially amounted to 3 years of joss paper. Three years for me at least. I have no idea why she got the small denominations. Whenever we bought joss paper for great-grandfather, they were never smaller than $10k. And then after that, we had to go to grandmother's house and pay our respects there too in front of grandfather's portrait. Someone also had the bright idea of burning joss paper indoors. Entire apartment got filled with smoke and the damn firealarm was right over their heads too! I'm surprised it didn't start screaming!

High tailed it out of there as soon as possible to get fresh air. Then had to wait a good 30 minutes (after we'd been there for at least 30 already choking on smoke) outside for them to come out. Apparently they had to wait until the candles burned out. After that, it was back home to drop people off, followed by dinner at uncle's house. I was home for all of maybe 30 minutes before i had to go over. And that was pretty much my day.

Though...I did spend all day yesterday playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope so I'm not sure I can complain. I did manage to get some studying done for my network security class in the car so that's a plus I guess.
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Managed to finish fic for the newgameplus fic exchange thank god. Was going to give it in like Wednesday, but it didn't happen. Stayed up late to finish it last night and then edit the stupid thing. I hope it isn't too horrible. I was still relatively awake until I finished, and then I promptly crashed until 11am.

Back to coding like a fiend.

Or my attempts to...considering I haven't touched that website in like 2 weeks because of other distractions.
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So I just did my own taxes...for the first time in my life. *koff* I usually just gave all my papers to my parents and have them submit it to the accountant doing their taxes.

Yay for refund and TurboTax. Going to do parents' as well after they give me all their papers. Might as well right? I should have done this last year. I mean, TurboTax has been around for awhile yes?

Trying to plan a spring break thing. Here's hoping they don't fall through. Cuz that would kinda suck.
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Seriously..I you Stanza, but please figure out why the hell you don't always like Win7. My main computer uses Win7. I don't like this hide and seek game you play where you sometimes show up, and sometimes disappear god knows where and then tease me by popping up randomly.

I would like to sleep. So please work so I can do so and still have my entertainment for the subway?

Also...I am not amused by you iTunes.
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So as a complete change from last week, professors who were dormant decided to pile on the work.

I have to do a journal of all things for that internship class I'm in. I'm half afraid it's going to end up being rather blog-like and ranty. *koff*

Making mochi tomorrow so I thought I'd try and finish one of the assignments I have to finish by Monday.

Did practically zilch for that clan website. Hahaha...I kinda figured that would happen. Really should do something about that.

Challenging [ profile] kdahlia to an icon making spree. Gave her a picture and she gave me one back. Let's see how much I can do from the alternative challenge list at [ profile] 10variations.
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Okay...for the first time in my life, I gave in and got a limited edition strategy guide of all things.

Yeaaaa....I think I'm a bit too into the upcoming release of FFXIII.

I thought I'd splurge just this once.

Still building that website. Up to the last parts of it. Seriously taking me long enough. Lucky that the guy I'm making for is patient enough. I need to study more PHP/SQL like woah.
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So Restaurant Week got extended until the end of February so [ profile] kdahlia and I decided to go pick a restaurant and try. Went to BONDST. Hahaha, never had a bill that that was 3 digits for just 2 people. The food was very good though. Wouldn't mind going again for celebratory events or something with a group of people. Atmosphere was nice though it was a bit awkward with just the 2 of us. Most were couples or a group of people.

Still have that clan website to finish building the backend for. Also need to do my newgameplus challenge like woah. Also have 2 exams to study for. One of them is a joke though, so that's fine. We'll see how much I manage tomorrow.

Sister is having a blast in Japan. *amused* Apparently Japanese boys are very, very shy and she's made several blush already just by looking at them with a smile or something.
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So, my project management professor has been out a total of 4 times already. Semester started end of January. Seriously starting to get ridiculous.

A rarity!

Feb. 17th, 2010 08:36 pm
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Two posts in one day!

Mostly because someone posted an interesting link on facebook. Free photography courses online offered by MIT. Just download all the course material. ^_^
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Happy Chinese New Year? Kinda =P A few days late but my whole family is invading this Saturday for a family dinner thing. I did see some of them this Sunday, but not all that many.

Been crocheting a lot for some reason. Might have something to do with the potted plant I made my mother for her birthday. In the process of making a white tiger in celebration of CNY. Here's hoping I manage to finish. I'm half making it up as I go along based on some pattern. Would have made it orange if I actually had a shade that would work.

Still building that KoL clan website for friend. Reaaally should finishstart it.

I should go buy Star Ocean 3 for PS3. I mean, I have the system at home...but no games. Someone should really figure out how to hack the thing so it can play PS2 games. *sadface*
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All registered for NYAF/Comic con. Only took awhile before I finally went and did it. *koff*

Next question would be, should I cosplay this time too? Hahaha...when [ profile] ericulf and [ profile] kdahlia and I went to AnimeNEXT, we totally neglected to take any pictures of ourselves which was kinda dumb of us really. Lack of proof and all. I completely failed in finding myself too in posted pictures...not that I looked too hard.

New icon! In less than a month! I think it might qualify as a miracle?

Finally saw Avatar. I liked it enough. It certainly made up for the completely horrible Legion.
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I don't even post enough for LJ...

Maybe I should start crossposting.

Doing the [community profile] newgameplus challenge. Let's see how that goes.
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I joined a video game fic exchange challenge on dw.

Hahaha....I think I've gone insane. Here's hoping I don't disappoint some poor requester.

Online class was a bust. Project Management class is going to drive me insane and I just registered for a 1 credit required course called Topics in Information Technology that's going to drive me even more insane. At least the professor seems kinda cool.

Here's to my first 3 day weekend of many!

Intending to go see Avatar tomorrow. Seriously need to see what's the hype. Also...need to make up for that horrible Legion movie. Urgh.
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Classes start tomorrow. Urgh.

Still have mp3s to organize from old hard drive. Then I have to sync my iPhone to new desktop.

Does it delete applications when you sync? I forget. If it does, I'm going to panic because I have a whole lotta things in Stanza that I'm not sure I want to deal with putting back on again.

Saw the new iPad. It looks like an oversized iTouch that is a beefed up Kindle. If I have to use iTunes to put stuff on it? That's kinda....meh.

Hahaha...can you tell I'm trying to post more on my LJ?
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First new icon in like ages and ages. Feeling completely rusty.
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Sister made me sit through Zoolander. XP

I think I lost braincells watching it.

Sister leaving for Japan in 4 days. I wonder how long it'll take me to miss her.

IT director told me to stay home tomorrow so I don't have anywhere to go until Wednesday. Wanted to take some pictures today, but well...rain ruined it. Better luck next time.

Mother cooked a lot today for sister's going away dinner with family. Ended up hiding in room with the dog, sister and her boyfriend because the Hellspawn were here. But food was good...even if I had to sit through Zoolander.
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I truly do think that my last school semester ruined my ability to sleep early so I can wake up early. Sleeping at 12:30ish to wake up at 6:30 in the morning isn't ever a good idea. XD

Doesn't help that I've been playing 'The Last Remnant' way too much in a day. I'm almost finished! I just want to get to the end so I can see the last bits and play it a second time to get all those pesky sidequests I missed the first time around.

I think I might pass on an internship this semester and go for it during the summer instead when I have more time. Decisions decisions.
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Since I saw so many of these, I thought I'd do one too.

2009 in Review )
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Been doing nothing but play The Last Remnant since I finished finals and got new desktop stabilized. Still have to RMA a ram stick but for now I have 6 gb of ram. XD Soon to be 8GB of ram. Such an insane amount. XD

Contemplating getting another 750gb hd to replace 2 smaller ones. This way I can give sister one of them so she won't have to buy one. Will have even more space. XD As it is I have over 2TB of space and counting.

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