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Apr. 11th, 2010

rikugou: ([ARASHI] ninjas [mine])
So, in lieu of the spate of LJ problems, I finally made myself import all my LJ entries.

Problem would be reading my flist. Hahaha...We'll see if I can figure that out.

I'm not really moving to DW. I'm mostly just posting from DW because it'll automatically crosspost, which is pretty awesome.

Need to edit those San Fran pictures. Haven't even looked at them yet.

Also need to revise resumé and write that damn cover letter. I seriously need to leave current job before I get dragged into more 'voluntary' jobs I have no interest in. How standing on the pool deck handing out refreshments/towels is an IT related thing, I have no idea. Not like I have a choice in it either. They say it's voluntary, but there's a heavy suggestion of, "Go because your job depends on it." I need to finish up those forms, hand this crap in and mark my 'internship' finished so I can get the class over with. Urgh...seriously don't way to stay anymore. Sys admin is an ass and if I hear any more chauvanistic remarks from him, I'm liable to choke a bitch.

Half-tempted to get a paid DW account too so I can go with the custom moods. But most of the things I read are on LJ. Decisions, decisions.