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Mar. 21st, 2010

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So, there are 3 places I need to visit for Qing Ming (清明) -- Chinese Memorial Day for the unaware -- this year. Grandfather (Washington, NJ), great-grandfather (somewhere Brooklyn) and great-aunt (Westchester, NY). Today, I spent my entire day visiting grandfather. The entire day. Going again next week for great-grandfather and great-aunt. We'll be home by 3pm, maybe 4pm.

Reason why visiting one site took longer? Third Aunt bought what essentially amounted to 3 years of joss paper. Three years for me at least. I have no idea why she got the small denominations. Whenever we bought joss paper for great-grandfather, they were never smaller than $10k. And then after that, we had to go to grandmother's house and pay our respects there too in front of grandfather's portrait. Someone also had the bright idea of burning joss paper indoors. Entire apartment got filled with smoke and the damn firealarm was right over their heads too! I'm surprised it didn't start screaming!

High tailed it out of there as soon as possible to get fresh air. Then had to wait a good 30 minutes (after we'd been there for at least 30 already choking on smoke) outside for them to come out. Apparently they had to wait until the candles burned out. After that, it was back home to drop people off, followed by dinner at uncle's house. I was home for all of maybe 30 minutes before i had to go over. And that was pretty much my day.

Though...I did spend all day yesterday playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope so I'm not sure I can complain. I did manage to get some studying done for my network security class in the car so that's a plus I guess.